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The Humble Beginnings

Digital Product Guru  has been founded by a woman entrepreneur who wants to prove that the human aspect is the most important one in any digital investment undertaking. 

From the way the executives make a buying decision to collaboration within a product development team, and, finally, to adoption by end users - it's all influenced by human emotion. 

Human emotions must be managed and nurtured to set the digital product for success. Our founder, Venera Jordan, has spent over 25 years delivering digital projects and developed the body of knowledge of harnessing human emotions to benefit the product development process.  There are proven strategies and activities that can take place to set up any digital project for success. The team at Digital Product Guru offers such strategies and specializes in delivering them. 

Venera is a thought leader and a speaker on emerging technologies and a humane use of them at the University of Maryland and University of Chicago alumni events. She is a Chicago Booth Executive MBA alumna and holds two undergraduate degrees from Robert Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland. She is also an active supporter of women in technology advancement and an advocate for STEM and AI education.

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