Helping you succeed in your Digital Product Journey

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Foreword from Founder and CEO

I am excited to share my passion for creating blockbuster digital products and helping you connect with and delight your customers. 

My team and I are here to listen and follow, advise and lead, champion and support through every step of your digital transformation journey.

Venera Jordan

Founder and CEO

Why Choose Digital Product Guru?

At Digital Product Guru we believe in three main components for success: choose the best scalable technology stack, partner with the best PaaS and SaaS in their field, and build everything with the user in mind. That is why we partner with leading cloud platforms, leading PaaS providers, and use UX/CX methodologies and tools rooted in science and market research. 

How we can help

There is a great deal at stake during digital product development. We recommend to start every digital project or product launch with revisiting your overall enterprise-wide IT and Digital Enablement Strategy. We then evaluate your IaaS and PaaS stack to see if you are getting the best of the technologies available in today's market place. Once that is done, we move on to recommend the best solution architecture and a solution delivery partner best in class. Last but not least, we work alongside the SI/delivery partner to ensure the best UX/CX experience.